About Us

The Virtual Marketplace is a one-stop online marketplace dedicated to supporting small businesses that have amazing products to offer the world who do not have an online store.


We care about entrepreneurs who pour passion into their products/services and want to deliver the best possible quality and shopping experience to their customers. 

Our Mission

The Virtual Marketplace’s mission is to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience for consumers in partnership with small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Virtual Marketplace?

The Virtual marketplace is all-in-one shopping platform where shoppers can learn, interact, and connect with local artisans and small businesses from anywhere in the world.

Who is The Virtual Marketplace for?

The platform is designed to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses, who pour passion into their products and/or services, by providing the best possible quality shopping experience customers.


The platform is designed to help scale your business in a virtual space. Timing for vendors application to be reviewed and responded to. Duration of product living on-site for approved vendors/products

Market Organizers

The platform helps market organizers build their next seamless virtual market experience.  Virtual markets are designs for any size to help scale your events in a virtual space. Timing for market organizers application to be reviewed and responded to Duration of hosted market living on-site for approved markets

Why was The Virtual Marketplace created?

In a new social/physical distancing world, businesses need to proactively pivot their businesses to better serve their current customers and gain access to new ones. Our mission is to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience for consumers in partnership with small businesses. 


Managing e-commerce can be challenging for small businesses. The Virtual Marketplace takes care of getting businesses up and running online with their products and services available for purchase.

Many small businesses already have an online presence, but with The Virtual Marketplace, they have access to a simple, timesaving and cost-effective e-commerce option.

The eCommerce platform provides an additional line of business that more than 70% of small businesses do not currently have.

With The Virtual Marketplace small businesses have the potential to transform followers into customers as a result of expanding their channels for which they can sell their products.

How does this work?

The Virtual Marketplace will feature vendor products and/or services available for purchase, company biography and links to their social channels to continue the relationship between customer and vendor beyond the platform’s shopping experience.


The all-in-one shopping platform has a hosting feature for event organizers to host their own curated virtual shopping markets with their select group of vendors.


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