My Starry Chart

Jayme and Phil, parents to 5-year-old Sam, wanted to level up their parenting game and spent of ton of time researching child psychology, behaviour strategies and parenting best practices. As a result, they've developed a game-changing interactive chore chart, My Starry Chart.

Yes this is Sam tested and approved. But what really makes My Starry Chart a game changer is all the collaborative feedback we received from family members, friends, teachers, child psychologists and parenting experts. And because it has worked so well for hundreds of other families, they wanted to make My Starry Chart available to everyone.

My Starry Chart is a 3-in-1 interactive chore chart, kid's personal calendar and skill-building game for kids ages 3-10. This chore chart, which is disguised as a game, comes with over 200 reusable stickers to motivate and empower kids, teaching them valuable skills like goal setting and math while also building character skills like helpfulness, gratitude and kindness.


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